About Us

With a wealth of knowledge of the industry after years’ of experience across the UK and overseas, Dynamix Productions are unafraid to push boundaries, break down comfort zones, and provide a leading standard of live, powerhouse vocal performances with the tightest blend of harmonies.

Dynamix pride themselves on their work ethic and boast an unbeatable professional reputation. They have built and maintained strong partnerships and secure repeat bookings year after year. With a shared drive and a fierce passion for the industry and with growth at the very heart of what they do, their journey forward is an exciting one.

Meet The Team


Carey Ann

Carey Ann has close to twenty years’ of professional experience within the performance industry.

She has dedicated her life to her craft, and her passion for the arts sees her continue to grow, develop her skills, and push boundaries. Carey Ann worked and trained for many years as a stage actress, performing professionally in panto tours, live theatre as well as Theatre in Education. In 2009, her career took a twist as she became resident vocalist for a leading UK holiday resort company.

Across the 13 years that followed, she has performed at a multitude of venues and events across the UK, Europe and at sea. Carey Ann has a diverse and powerful vocal range, knows her audiences well and prides herself on ensuring every show is a great one.



Michael Benn

Michael comes from a long line of musical professionals and has spent his life immersed in music culture.

He has worked professionally for over 15 years at many of the UK’s top holiday resorts, as well as experience performing internationally for leading resorts and hotels, but was learning his craft for many years’ prior. Michael has a skill for reading his audiences and has an impressive repertoire covering over 100 years of musical greats.

Michael has performed for a large and diverse range of audiences and can turn his hand to any crowd. He takes a great pride in his career and is always seeking new and innovative ways to grow within the industry.